Project Givens

Time For The World

Project Givens and Principles

The project is rooted in the notion that economies can be better and more humane tools in service of communities worldwide if rooted in a sound value system. Additionally, the project itself is governed by a set of assumptions about what practices will best assure success of its efforts.

All of these are worthy areas for conversation, however we want to be clear on where we stand, as agreement to support these points is needed for core participants in the project to share a common baseline.

  • TimeBanking basically works and is a valid liquidity mechanism
  • The Time For The World Project’s efforts in communities will be TimeBank supported
  • Co-production principles will be applied throughout project
  • Core values of TimeBanking will be interpreted locally, and upheld globally
  • Transparency
  • Open processes and tools
  • Freedom of use, reuse, and modification
  • Mutual expectations of reciprocity

General Inclusiveness – though all participation and support for each other is voluntary, also no person shall be formally excluded from participation for any reason, and all effort will be made to respect any person, group, or institution as one with valid needs and valid assets that must be accounted for and valued.

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