Our Blog has moved!

Some say it was about time…

In 2015, the project that started as timeFTW has moved on to become The MAN (Mutual Aid Network) – and recently we have started to post updates on our new MAN website: http://www.mutualaidnetwork.org

If you had subcribed to our blog by email, you don’t have to do a thing, we migrated your subscription.

If however, you had previously followed us through your wordpress.com account, or do not know what any of this means, please enter your email again on our new website :)

This website will soon be discontinued altogether, so if you made bookmarks or links to it, please change them to our new website, too. All previous blogposts from the timeFTW site can now be found in the MAN archive.

See you on the MAN side/site, or if in doubt, just get in touch!


Deploying Time Banking for Human-Scaled Economic Development: Video

In February we gave a presentation at the International Conference on Community and Complementary Currencies in Lyon, France. Here is video and our slideshow from that presentation. Let us know what you think! We continue to build on and advance on this work as part of the project.

It is best viewed full screen.

Talking Timebanking on Pacifica Radio

Stephanie Rearick, TFTW Project Coordinator, talked about timebanking, human-scaled economies and the Time For The World project on Pacifica radio on Feb. 8. Steph comes on at about 40:30 in, but the whole show is interesting if you have time.

In two new monologues, Mike Daisey examines what money does to human relations and reveals the human cost of our love affair with electronic gadgetry. And Stephanie Rearick describes a system of alternative currency called TimeBanking.

Against the Grain – February 8, 2011 – or download mp3 or play from KPFA