Our Blog has moved!

Some say it was about time…

In 2015, the project that started as timeFTW has moved on to become The MAN (Mutual Aid Network) – and recently we have started to post updates on our new MAN website: http://www.mutualaidnetwork.org

If you had subcribed to our blog by email, you don’t have to do a thing, we migrated your subscription.

If however, you had previously followed us through your wordpress.com account, or do not know what any of this means, please enter your email again on our new website :)

This website will soon be discontinued altogether, so if you made bookmarks or links to it, please change them to our new website, too. All previous blogposts from the timeFTW site can now be found in the MAN archive.

See you on the MAN side/site, or if in doubt, just get in touch!


On the road for/towards Time For The World

Time For The World, soon coming to a community near you!

In August, on the way to and from the TimeBankingUSA conference in Providence, RI, we had Stephanie Rearick and Leander Bindewald visiting and connecting timebanking and community currency projects in several location along the route.

In Philadelphia, Detroit and Toronto we connected the dots with representatives of community building initiatives to map out routes of co-learning and collaboration in the their respective locations. Each of these existing and newly inspired projects constitute part of the rich network of local experimentation and implementations that we want to curate and activate with our first TimeFTW learning platform, called Build For The World (for details and how it will work, see our latest TimeFTW project-description).

At the end of  September and all of October, Stephanie and Leander will be on the road again, giving presentations, convening timebanking meetings and trainings all over the USA. Not all meetings are confirmed yet, but if you live “en route” get in touch to get the latest updates or ask for a meet-up:


23th:  St. Louis. MO  (Grace Hill)

25th: New Orleans, LA  (Other Worlds)

28th: Austin, TX

30th: Tucson, AZ


1st-5th: Los Angeles, CA (amongst others:  Conference of California Federation of Timebanks )

6th: San Francisco, CA

9th: Seattle, WA

10th: Portland, OR  (Electrogals Frestival)

11-12th: Boise, ID (Lacey Sinn)

13th: Boulder, CO

14th: Des Moines, IA

15th: Iowa City, IA

17th:  Chicago, IL

18th: Toledo, OH (Toledo Grows)

20-23th: NYC (Contact Conference and MetaCurrency Collabathon)

24th: Madison, ME

25-27th: Ontario (possibly Montreal, Toronto, London, tba)

28-29th: Detroit, MI (TimeBanking Training and Confab)

On well sounding parallel note: during the same trip Stephanie Rearick will launch her new solo album in many locations along the way, see her music-website for the dates.