a couple updates, a little essay

IMG_1142The Stolen Presents

Have been thinking lately about how the destruction of the age-old structures and practices of sharing and gift economies is completely inextricably bound with all the ways we defer enjoyment of our lives to some future point. We slog through years of school to prepare for college, we go to college to prepare for work, we work for the weekends – and holidays and, ultimately, retirement. So much of life now involves making sacrifices of our time to some future goal (including the future goal of paying next month’s rent).  Stolen Presents.

In my present: I was getting ready to finish and post this little blog when I received this from Aerin Dunford, on her experience at Giftival: http://www.walkoutwalkon.net/2013/11/giftitale-restoring-soft-hope-that-magic-is-possible/

Couldn’t be more relevant!


Sina and Selena (front l+r), PowerTime principals, with family friends and neighbors at Selena’s Appreciation Dinner

An exciting part of my present is that things are really starting to cook for our PowerTime II Energy Project in the Allied Community Coop. This will hopefully be our very first local Mutual Aid Network. It’ll be fun to see how things unfold, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted at build.

Oh, and another thing is that we’re out of money again. We’ll be cranking up some serious crowdfunding (and grant applying) efforts in the coming weeks and months but in the meantime, please FEEL FREE to contribute whatever you’re able! We don’t have any big grants at the moment, we piece together our money bit by bit – and every little bit helps. Click the paypal link to donate. It’s tax deductible. It’ll help us get more programming done on the MAN and build, pay for our housing and food, and get some legal help with incorporating, some graphic design and video help to get our message out better, and some help with proposal writing. If you enjoy writing proposals and would like to assist as a contribution or in exchange for timebank hours please get in touch!

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