Dreamworld Report: Tampa Bay

IMG_0827I stayed with Marie Nelson’s daughter in Gainesville on October 26th, got there late afterIMG_0829 a 10.5 hour drive, following a drive late into the night before. Naomi was really nice, we had a quick cup of coffee in the morning, then I drove 2.5 hours to Tampa Bay. I got there around 1:30, to a lovely park where it was warm and sunny! And there was a great group of about 20 people there. We played my favorite game as usual and talked about what kinds of projects and partnerships they’re interested in. IMG_0834

From there Marie and I drove straight across the bay to Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse IMG_0841where the next event was held. This was a long-form discussion, which I really liked. Yes, we played the yarn game yet again (Marie and I were the only overlaps in a group of another 25) and then did a visioning exercise about how we’d apply timebanking to creating a makerspace and place for kids to play where we’d also facilitate gleaning and IMG_0839food distribution.


IMG_0853 IMG_0855The next morning I had to wake up bright and early to get to the Pinellas Technical Education Center in St. Petersburg where we had a meeting from 8 – 10:30 am. Waking up at sunrise is better when this is the view from your bed.

IMG_0857  This was a really great group of people who want to get down to business applying timebanking to serious social and economic problems. You can check out the notes for more details. We had people who are working in prisons, working on the 2020 Plan (a plan to reduce poverty by 30% by IMG_08612020 in IMG_0858South St. Petersburg), studying biomimicry, working with faith and community organizations and more. The discussion was very rich, only some of which was captured in the notes. People found promise in the idea of using timebanking to bootstrap resources into more elaborate cooperative endeavors.

Then some of us enjoyed a beautiful lunch at Leafy Greens Cafe, and made some plans for the future. I’ll be joining the 2020 Plan committee on a skype in a couple weeks to follow up on ideas that have arisen.

From the Cafe I made the 10 hour drive toward New Orleans, one of my very favorite places! At the suggestion of Carl from our morning meeting, I stopped in Pensacola FL for the night so I could enjoy their beaches the next morning before finishing the drive. Good choice! It was lovely to sit on a nice white sand beach at the end of October, stretching my summer out a little longer before I’d need to head home to Madison Wisconsin in time for November.

next up: New Orleans timebank stops, St. Louis and home