Int’l Conference on Complementary Currencies – part I


IMG_20130619_141530_162Because we’re still in the midst of this conference, and I’m already going to be late to the first panel today, I’m just starting with a link to the slides from the presentation Marc and I gave yesterday. We enjoyed it very much. I especially liked that I got applause when I said “Nobody should have to do anything for 40 hours a week unless they really want to.”

Part of my goal was to help people think through the question – if we’re really looking to remake our economy why don’t we make one that creates the world of our dreams? Make it enjoyable! Make it beautiful. And to help people see that it’s possible.

Tom Greco and Tim Jenkin were the other presenters during our session. It was an honor to be together with them. And an honor in general to be here with so many amazing people. We were also honored that Katherine Gibson attended our session. Marc’s been a fan for a long time, I’m a new one.

Much more to report later. In the meantime, here’s our presentation. what_are_we_waiting_for

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