Rethinking Money Here and Now: Report from Lietaer- and Rearick-led workshop, slides from Lietaer and Dunne public presentation


It’s time to share what happened at our full-day workshop on Saturday March 30, 2013.

This was fresh on the heels of a scintillating talk by Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne the night before, held at Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. About 150 people had their minds blown by the wonderful possibilities presented. You can see the slides (with some images removed) here, graciously shared by Bernard Lietaer.  Madison public event with C3 figures March 26 2013 nocartoons

The workshop was held at the US Bank building on our Capitol square. It was 10am -4pm on a lovely Spring day on a holiday weekend, and still the place was filled to capacity (40+).


Participants’ organizations or areas of interest

We had people representing many sectors of our community – timebank members, people intrigued at the talk the evening before, business owners and managers, people active in social justice, cooperative and co-housing members and owners, sustainability activists and more. These are the notes I took during the introductions, showing what groups and interest areas were present.

Agenda for 3/30/13 workshop with Bernard Lietaer and Stephanie Rearick

Agenda for 3/30/13 workshop with Bernard Lietaer and Stephanie Rearick

Jacqui joined in as a participant and Bernard and I took turns leading segments of the workshop. First he gave the big picture overview of where we are at this moment in history. Then I took over and presented our own, littler big picture overview. Here are the slides I used (but I stopped at slide 19): Cooperative_economy

The most wildly exciting part of my presentation, for me anyway, was when Bernard narrated his own Martian anecdote slide. I prese

nt that all the time and it was my dream come true to have Bernard there saying it in his own words and voice!

Speaking of which, he then took the reins and wowed us with some great knowledge, perspective and information. Including stuff that’s been introduced to him on this journey through North America, and which he’s helping us to synthesize for the first time. Extremely exciting stuff with massive potential. I’ll write that up in a separate post, coming soon.

Bernard’s presentation, Madison WI workshop, introduced us to some exciting new ideas, some of which he had newly synthesized in the wake of some other North American stops, especially with regard to the C3 model and a new corporate structure in the USA, the L3C.

After a break for lunch we held a roundtable discussion about what our own goals are, how we see various pieces we’d learned applying to our own goals and systems, and next steps. Here are pictures of my notes:

Work groups that formed for future action

Work groups that formed for future action

goals and reactions

1st page of goals and/or reactions from participants

goals and reactions2

We also made video at the event, thanks to Michael and Donna. We’ll share that after it’s edited into something more wieldy than a  6-hour raw video of a workshop.

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Now’s a great time to do so – this visit has sparked tons of new ideas which we expect to bring to beautiful fruition. I hope you’ll help!

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