Big publishing day for us


Just a brief update today:

Big publishing day for Time For the World. The paper that Marc Brakken and I presented in Lyon last year, “Trophic Currencies: Ecosystem Modeling and Resilient Economies,” has just been published by International Journal of Community Currency Research (IJCCR). Authored by Marc Brakken, Preston Austin, Leander Bindewald and me. Find it here.

And today I received in the mail my complimentary copy of People Money: The Promise of Regional Currencies, by Margrit Kennedy, Bernard Lietaer and John Rogers. It’s a lovely, informative and inspirational book and features the Dane County TimeBank and Time For the World among the many efforts highlighted.

What an honor to be in these two publications!

We’re working on next week’s Builders’ Workshop, focused on Health and TimeBanking. It’s Thursday July 19, 4-6pm CDT. We’ll share it via webex if you’d like to join us from afar. Please email to arrange. Visit for more details and more upcoming workshops and events.

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