Gearing up…. It’s about time to Build For the World


Here’s what’s going on with us:
1. Soft launching BuildFTW online platform over the next couple weeks
2. Starting Builders’ Workshops Work and Learn Series in April
3. Launching Builders’ TimeBank to support all this work
4. Build Camp June 1 and 2 – connecting developers and projects to make cool stuff

1. Today is a big day for us. It’s time for a (very) soft launch of our Build For the World platform. This is just for our good friends and active timebanking projects (this may mean you!) for now – we’re beginning to ask you to post your projects at the site. It’s still under construction and will be for a long time – and that’s a good thing. This gives us a chance to be responsive to your input about how easy it is to use, what will make it most useful to you, etc.

We aim to link well with other efforts in order to make it easy to log in, add information, find what you need, etc. Contact us if you’d like to get started at the very beginning!

2. While we’re beginning to populate the BuildFTW site we’re also developing a monthly work and learn series, called Builders’ Workshops, in order to build leadership skills of people participating while creating video and written materials to share with the rest of the world.

We’ll start with a few broad sessions on what our economy is and has been over human history, what it could be and various tools and models being used to get it to a better place. Then we’ll go into project initiation and facilitation training, after which we’ll start focusing in on specific issues. Topics we will cover include: Wellness, Food Security, Transportation, Energy, Housing, Poverty, Arts, Healthy Community Economy (where we’ll begin our work to join our timebank with other models like price-based mutual credit, local currency, community-directed lending). Everything we do is made to share. And we hope to collaborate with lots of people far and wide – so let us know if you want to help by contributing content, time or talents.

Here’s the calendar.

We’ll be working to find good ways for people to join us virtually if you can’t be in Madison. If you know of a great tool for doing this (we have ideas if noone suggests something better) let us know.
As you’ll see from the calendar, after October we’re flexible about how we schedule the various issue topics and will base that on when guest presenters and project participants are most available. We hope you’ll want to join us in creating and/or participating in these!

3. We’re also launching the Builders’ TimeBank and you can sign up now at
We’re using that to find and exchange resources that can directly contribute to the Build platform and learning support. We’re also using it to exchange resources among Build projects. That means if your project is signed up on BuildFTW you’ll be encouraged to use the Builders’ TimeBank to find things you need to make your projects successful.

Our reciprocity model: We ask you to honor the past and invest in the future, and ask for all the help you need in making your present project successful. You can interpret that how you like, and we encourage you to use your imagination. You might honor the past by helping out an earlier initiative, giving some money, timebank hours or other resources in exchange for using their materials… You might invest in the future by creating or adapting some materials, training new people, translating, innovating and sharing. We thought it would be fun to play more with the concept of time as the medium and like how every effort can qualify as someone else’s ‘past’ or ‘future’ investment.

Later we’ll also have BankFTW where we can exchange resources that aren’t time-based and we’ll keep using the same past/present/future reciprocity model there if it’s working. All of this is in service to trying things out to find out what works best.

4. Last and definitely not least, we’ll be co-hosting Build Camp here on June 1 and 2. This is geared toward bringing software developers and other technical minds together with people working on projects with a goal of creating and improving some tools during the event. Stay tuned for more info as that develops….

Well that’s quite enough for now! Thanks for playing.


3 Comments on “Gearing up…. It’s about time to Build For the World”

  1. Stephanie Rearick says:

    thanks, I’ll check it out!

  2. jroger01 says:

    Hi Stephanie and all

    Regarding virtual connecting. I evaluated various conference software options a couple of years ago for a webinar series I ran with students from all over the world. The only one that performed consistently at that time was Webex. Audio, optional video, live chat and desktop sharing. Not cheap but you can pay per month.

    all the best

    John Rogers

  3. getavision says:

    Sounds great, Stephanie!