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I mentioned here recently that I’ve received the honor of being offered a BALLE Fellowship. Very exciting!

And when I was putting together my Fellow Profile, which lists recent media mentions, I realized we have a bunch of cool media coming out referencing the MAN, and I haven’t yet shared it all here. So here are some recent mentions. Enjoy!

We’re number 8! Top 10 P2P Trends of 2015“The most advanced practical project is probably the Mutual Aid Network in Madison, Wisconsin, which is already expanding beyond the city to places as far away as South Africa (Bergnek project). ” Huge thanks to Michel Bauwens for recognizing Mutual Aid Networks as an important P2P trend.

And, in case you missed it when it was published in July, Michel Bauwens’ interview with me in the series 100 Women who are co-creating the P2P Society: Stephanie Rearick of the Mutual Aid Network.

In November, Madison weekly paper Isthmus referred to MANs as an economic opportunity for artists in this article: Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be rock stars: Efforts are underway to help local musicians survive in a tough market

On January 4 this blog was published at Institute for Leadership and Sustainability in Cumbria, UK: The Creative Destruction of the US Prison Industrial Complex: We Can Do It!

And now that you’ve had a chance to see some of the exciting ways MANs can help improve our work and our world, please visit our crowdfunding site, give and share.

We’re extending the crowdfund through the month of March, when I’ll be touring to visit, support, learn from, and document many of our US pilot sites. We’ll use some of the tour stops to launch pilot crowdfunds and to rally support for all our efforts. Stay tuned for details on that later…

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In With the New!


Hello and Happy 2016!

This is a big period of transition for me, The MAN, Dane County TimeBank, and the world. Here’s a bit of what’s new in this world

I’ve left my 11-year position as Director (Co-Director with Lorrie Hurckes for the last few years) of the Dane County TimeBank (DCTB) in order to be free to focus more time on implementing Mutual Aid Networks. Both here and afar, so I’ll be building while in Madison and meeting, documenting, sharing, speaking, training, learning and performing while I’m on tour, which will be about 1/2 the year.

I’ll also be contracting for 10 hours a week with DCTB, building capacity, partnerships and opportunity in and around the TimeBank, especially in support of our restorative justice efforts and building Neighbor Care Teams. I’m excited to be able to focus in on the things I’m passionate about, and leave the organization building to Lorrie, who’s fantastic at it. She’s really going to take the TimeBank to new heights and I’m excited to do a bit to help. And I’m aiming to have the MAN structure create a new level of support and strength for the TimeBank.

Here’s the letter I shared with TimeBank members, in case you want to know more.

Meanwhile, I’ve just been offered a BALLE fellowship! I’m very excited about this. I’ll get intensive training in transformational leadership and an opportunity to work with a broad array of amazing people with similar goals. This feels like perfect timing in this stage of MAN development and implementation, when building our networks is paramount. The possibilities are astounding.

And we’ll be launching the rest of our MAN pilot site crowdfunding campaigns from now through February. We’re extending the Main MAN crowdfund to March 1, and will launch pages for Allentown PA, Providence RI, Hull UK, St. Louis MO, and Allied Coop in Madison WI before then. And Bergnek South Africa and Lansing MI are off and running!!!

Please give and share. If you’ve already given, THANK YOU! And please share the link and tell your friends why you chose to give.

Oh, one more bit of news. We are preparing to incorporate the non-profit arm of the MAN, the one that is responsible for helping birth, nurture, teach and support MANs. We’re calling it the Main MOM. MOM stands for Mother of MANs. Yes, we’re geeks but it’s fun.

And now that is all.

Onward and upward! It’s going to be a champagne year.

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Lansing MAN launching now!


Here’s your opportunity to help launch another super-exciting MAN pilot. And pass it on…

If you have 9 minutes and 37 seconds to spare please watch the video! Scott​ Murto did such a lovely thorough job communicating what the MAN is all about. Help him make our dreams come true…

give, share, repeat… give, share, repeat…

Happy New Year!

Happy New Economy!

Bergnek South Africa MAN pilot site going live!


We are extremely pleased to announce that one of our first eight Mutual Aid Network pilot sites is launching its crowdfunding campaign TODAY!

Help awesome people in rural Bergnek South Africa to pool their time, talents, and other resources to make a clinic there. They’ve already increased access to fresh water and have created a women-run business called Girlstuff which makes reusable cloth menstrual pads, enabling girls and women to participate in school and community in ways that have been stifled until now.

Please support them, then support the Main MAN, then help spread the word!

More pilot sites launching soon! Stay tuned…


Give now! (please)

Hello!give a little.png

Our crowdfunding campaign just went live!! Please click this link and give some money.

I really like our new video, and hope you do too! And of course I REALLY like the map of our first eight pilot sites! I can’t wait to see that map fill up over time…

Thanks for your support. Please give and share. A lot!!!

Crowdfund Campaign starts Tuesday! 7am


Our crowdfunding campaign starts Tuesday December 1 at 7am CST at Please be ready to help as soon as it starts! We need our friends to help plant seeds.

I’ll send another reminder with details, in time for you to take action.

I’m excited to share our new video with you! I’ve been working hard on it, with my friend Marina Kelly who’s earned a lot of timebank hours the last couple weeks… You’ll likely recognize some faces and voices, stay tuned…

And you’re welcome to start stocking up on  MAN swag right away too, at – we’ll be adding more designs soon too!

Thanks for all your support. Things are getting exciting!

The New The MAN, Capitalizing on Late Capitalism

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday. Eek. Ick.

Let’s cash in!

We’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign for Mutual Aid Networks in time to cash in on Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, two of the newest holidays brought to you by late capitalism. For those of you not in the US or somehow otherwise blissfully ignorant of these things, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, known for violently enthusiastic shopping. Cyber Monday is about shopping online. And Giving Tuesday is about giving some of your leftover money to people trying to save themselves and others from the destructive effects of all the capitalism.

We’re ready to take the reins and make the new economy and what better way than to put some of that bizarro focus on how we spend our money to use in changing how all this works.theNewTheMAN

So get ready to open your wallets and email lists and help us get all the money we can into a system designed to chill all that out, and get us back to living life as humans rather than consumers.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for building with us!



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